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Press releases and media relations

Effectively pitch stories in the media and coordinate interviews to get your messages promoted through public avenues.

Publicity campaigns and event planning

Increase your exposure through specific events using media outreach and unique graphic design.

Research campaigns

Perform background research and produce proposal that utilize qualitative and quantitative methods and generate data. This data is the foundation for how an organization or company conducts communications.


Brand your company through graphic design, strategic planning and communications initiatives to reach the right audiences for your business.

Crisis Communications

Design a comprehensive and strategic step-by-step outline of the way your organization should respond when faced with a crisis.

Our Mission: To facilitate the transition of aspiring public relations students into the professional field through hands-on experience with paying clients, opportunities to gain different levels of responsibility and leadership, and professional services that deliver relevant results for every client’s needs.


Hill Communications is one of 20 student-run public relations firms nationally affiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). We are part of the William P. Ehling PRSSA chapter at Syracuse University.


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Maddie Simons

Firm Director
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Annie D’Elia

Assistant Director of Communications
The Assistant Director of Communications is responsible for creating and implementing communications programs that build and strengthen the firm.
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Maya Lobban

Assistant Director of Human Resources
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Lina Cardenas

Assistant Director of Development

Our firm is composed of talented and motivated students who are dedicated to providing the best quality work to our clients. Our current members intern at prestigious companies such as PepsiCo, Edelman, and Lockheed Martin, and our alumni have gone on to work for some of the top public relations firms in the nation.

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